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Editor-in-Chief: Anatoly Ivanovich Fisun , Vladimir M. Yakovenko , Mykola I. Slipchenko
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Aims and Scope

This journal consists of translations from two Ukrainian journals: Radio Physics and Electronics, Radio Engineering and one Russian journal: Telecommunications. What is more, the original papers by Russian an Ukrainian authors as well as the scientists from other states are published. The papers and articles are devoted to new mathematical approaches in electromagnetic theory, microwave electrodynamics, microwave and satellite telecommunications, signal processing, telephony, wave propagation, radar and radio navigation engineering, antennas, feeder systems and waveguides, electronic devices, nanotechnology in electronics, applied radio physics, and radio technology in biomedical studies. The scope of Telecommunication and Radio Engineering will appeal to theoreticians and engineers working on communication theory and networks, signal processing, protection of information and electromagnetic compatibility, radar and navigation systems, receiver and transmission equipment and instrumentation.

ISSN: 0040-2508

ISSN: 1943-6009

Issues per year: 20

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