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Associate Editor: Soufiane Belhouideg , Vincenzo Bianco , Jianchao Cai , Ali J. Chamkha , John H. Cushman , Rainer Helmig , Kamel Hooman , Jacques M.R.J. Huyghe , Oleg Iliev , Khalil Khanafer , Shigeo Kimura , Andrey V Kuznetsov , Baosheng Liang , Sumit Mukhopadhyay , Tri Nguyen-Quang , F. Pan , Mohammad Mehdi Rashidi , Muhammad Sahimi , Peter Tilke , Francisco J Valdes-Parada , L. Wang , Moran Wang , Gongnan Xie , Huijin Xu , Diansen Yang , Dia Zeidan , Sohrab Zendehboudi , B. Zeng
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Special Topics & Reviews in Porous Media-An International Journal (STRPM) publishes up-to-date research works related to special topics and reviews covering a wide range of fields related to porous media. Special topics and reviews can be related to applications and research areas in contemporary and traditional technology, such as biological, electronics cooling, thermal insulation engineering, geothermal and environmental engineering, heat pipes, underground spreading of chemical waste, nuclear waste repository, grain storage, enhanced recovery of petroleum reservoirs, packed bed heat exchangers, drying technology, catalytic reactors, petroleum industries, geothermal systems, tissue engineering, drug delivery, avionics, miniature refrigerators, nanoporous materials, microtextured surfaces for enhanced boiling, particle migration and deposition; material processing applications; particle transport and deformable porous bodies; direct contact heat exchangers, coal combustors, nuclear waste repositories, experimental and measuring techniques; industrial and environmental heat transfer and flow, characterization of porous materials, etc. This journal provides a comprehensive forum for communication between researchers and practicing engineers. The excellence of contributions is assured through a rigorous peer review process. STRPM is the only journal of its kind that covers the entire spectrum related to special topics and reviews covering a wide range of fields related to porous media.

ISSN: 2151-4798

ISSN: 2151-562X

Issues per year: 4

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